Kitchen to Table

Class Prepares Meals for Teachers


Mrs. Tugwell’s culinary arts class prepares a meal for the Long Handled Spoon.

In the event of Coronavirus, there have been many changes in the food industry. Restaurants and meat production lines have been forced to close or change because of COVID-19 restrictions. The culinary arts class’s Long Handled Spoon also addresses these concerns while preparing meals.

Long Handled Spoon’s next meal is beef bourguignon with mashed potatoes, garden salad with ranch dressing, apple tart, and sweet tea and will be delivered on the October 28.

“All the dishes are prepared in the morning so they can be delivered by lunch time,” sophomore Dominick Reyes said, “which means my class gets to do dishes.”

The Long Handled Spoon Cafe is a program with Fairfield High School that has many benefits for the students interested in hospitality career choices. The cafe is completely run by the students, and they use the cafe as a fundraiser to help supply equipment and create scholarships for the students.  

”I am not completely sure what I want to do yet, but food is probably what I’ll go into,” sophomore Dennise Salazar said. “This is a very helpful class to do so.”

The Long Handled Spoon Cafe was created seven years ago when the high school transitioned to allow more career oriented paths. The cafe also doubles as a way for the program to raise money for more supplies, so they can continue the work the students are doing. 

“I’m having fun in the class,” sophomore Alyssa Markham said. “I’m very excited to finally start cooking.”

To keep up with Coronavirus regulation, the cafe has become a delivery only service and has expanded to serve the junior high. These changes allow the students to learn how to keep the foods at a perfect temperature for serving before delivering.  

“After expanding services to the Junior High,” program sponsor and teacher Laura Tugwell said, “there is now a higher challenge when serving food.”

The program is a great advantage for the students to gain three certificates to prepare them for working right out of high school. They will gain their Texas Food Handlers, TABC Server/Seller, and ServSafe Food Managers. These certificates can be helpful later on when the students go to get jobs.

I’ve learned many skills, and I’m hoping to use them in my future when I open a business or I work for a business that cooks and bakes,” junior Demi Lambright said. “I’m hoping to use all of these skills to become an entrepreneur in the field of the food industry.”