Your Vote, Your Voice


The importance of the upcoming presidential election is not lost on anyone; however, true change happens from the bottom up. Local, state, and congressional elections as well as the preliminaries are all equally important, if not more so. 

Every eligible American should vote in smaller elections as well as the presidential election and convince others of the importance of voting. 

Voting ensures that everyone gets a say in America’s future. It is a way to ensure the government is listening to its citizens on important issues. When a smaller portion of the population is voting, it distorts the majority vote. Smaller elections can help change current events from specific areas and spread from there. Results of an election can be changed by a single vote, especially in a smaller election where there are less people voting. It is also important to understand how each voting machine works and to inform others about it to ensure that every vote counts.  Even in small towns, citizens should do their part to make sure that they do what is best for others and themselves. 

Often candidates that many people love and want to succeed are not given proper support and either drop out of the race or lose. This is commonly due to the lack of active voters on their side. While support on social media is an important aspect of a candidate’s campaign and a good way to spread information, when push comes to shove, they need tangible votes to achieve a position in office.  Due to this, it is also important to help others who may not be able to vote alone. This may include giving someone a ride to a polling place or educating them on topics so they know where their vote is going. While most believe voting has become a bipartisan issue, it is important that people are informed on both candidates and their policies so they can vote based on what is best for their country and not from loyalty to a certain party. 

Some say that an individual vote doesn’t matter or that they feel like their vote doesn’t actually give them a voice. However, there are cases where a single vote decided the entire election. In fact, in 2010 Sarah Buxton won a Vermont election against David Ainsworth by a single vote. Seven years later in 2017, Ainsworth won against Buxton by a single vote. More elections have had similar outcomes and this goes to prove that though sometimes it seems as if one person is not enough to change anything, the truth is quite different. 

Every citizen has the duty and the right to vote and ensure needed changes are made. Come election time, go out and vote. Share information about the times and places of elections. Share information about the candidates and help those who may need assistance to the polls so their voices are also heard. Your voice is important and deserves to be heard, so ensure that it is when election time comes.