Consider Journalism as Valuable Elective


Jocelyn Salazar, Reporter

It’s the time of the year where one needs to start deciding on what class to take for the upcoming grade. What classes will help one out the best and be a good class? In my opinion that’s the Journalism class. 

Journalism class advances both writing and communication skills. It also makes you a more responsible person as it’s necessary to plan out when to write, get quotes, edit and post stories with time still left before the event it’s over. Students might say I don’t have time or I’m not a very good writer. Well, the class is made for helping one’s writing skills improve and can be taken instead of a class that isn’t as important or not as interesting as Journalism. 

Something that is coming up and might need some help is the English STAAR test, April 18 for the freshman and April 20 for the sophomores. The STAAR has multiple and written questions which could both be easier if the Journalism class is taken. If one learns how to write stories, most of the time it helps writing the essays as well. The first year in the class is taken a little slower then the rest. That’s when the learning starts, so don’t be too worried about not having good stories as others. Take it slow and figure out what topics to write about and what writing style fits the best. 

 In Journalism one also takes interviews and pictures which is way more fun than just writing stories. The class also has a Facebook page for themselves that shows the staff and their stories. The journalism teacher, Mrs.Maciel, also posts them on a variety of social media apps to show off our hard work. Our stories are also submitted into competitions like UIL and ILPC journalism.  We also sell ads for the scholarships and production costs towards the end of the year.

Make space for Journalism in your schedule; it’s a class that is good for you, helps you, and is fun, easy, and calming.