Cancel Culture Serves Valid Purpose

Kynzee Payne, Reporter

Networks and social media may choose to cancel a person who has been considered to have done or said something offensive. This action has been commonly referred to as cancel culture, and it is often under attack.

Getting canceled entails getting the proper punishment they deserve for their actions, such as being kept away from potential victims. Many people who get canceled deserve it because they are hurting others. 

Pedophilia is one of the numerous reasons that celebrities get canceled, and one of the most notable is James Charles, a beauty Youtuber. Charles, who is 23 now, said that he exchanged sexually explicit personal messages with boys under the age of 18, when he was 21. He messaged the boys on the social media app Snapchat. He deserves to be canceled so that he is prevented from using his celebrity to do this again.

Racism is sadly highly prolific in today’s society. Plenty of celebrities have been accused of racism, and many of these allegations are true. Canceling celebrities and personalities for racist remarks, whether private or public, is completely justified.

Ellen DeGeneres has been accused several times of hosting a toxic and racist workplace. Although her talk show is all about being kind, former employees have claimed that they faced microaggressions and bullying. DeGeneres has not apologized for her alleged toxic behavior, and that only adds to the need for her cancellation.

Last but not least, Andrew Tate trafficks women and promotes a highly misogynistic way of thinking on many social media platforms. While he was banned on youtube and many social media apps, his videos still circulate. He and his work should be canceled, so that he is prevented from sharing his toxic message to young boys, who will grow up indoctrinated with hatred and disdain for women. 

Many people believe cancel culture infringes upon first amendment rights; however, those rights do not include immunity from natural consequences. Cancel culture helps people learn from their mistakes by receiving punishment. It also protects a safe and unprejudiced society. Criticism of cancel culture displays a refusal of change and innovation, and it allows a following to grow for people who promote harmful ideas and activities.

People will not learn from their actions if they are not punished. People will continue to harm others and spread harmful messages unless they receive the consequences that they deserve.