Consequences of Cancel Culture


Graphic by Skylar Bonner

Skylar Bonner, Reporter

With virtual communication and political correctness progressing, groups have created techniques to eliminate immediately those who are not seen as perfectly following the norms. The moment a figure in the spotlight shares an idea the majority does not like, they are thrown to the dogs. 

Cancel culture isn’t solving anything.

Refusing someone’s service to social media strictly because of something they said is preposterous and violates their first amendment right. Deleting their posts, accounts, and existence online steals their ability to speak and share their opinions. Someone’s right to not have their feelings hurt does not trump someone else’s freedom of speech. Throughout history, there is constant disagreeing. Martin Luther King Jr. did not have unlimited support; some hated him for the messages he was spreading, but they could not silence him. Mahatma Gandhi spoke up against injustice to free his people as well. The silencing of these speakers would have caused continued silent suffering. Disagreements between humans are unpreventable, but everyone must have the choice to be able to speak their mind. Being able to study the minds of evil people through their words is crucial as well. Adolf Hitler’s words, methods of madness, and persuasions are studied to prevent future manipulations from occurring again. Not only does everyone deserve to talk, but our ancestors also fought and worked for it. There have been regulations of speech on civilians for ages but the United States established itself to change that. Ignoring others’ rights is disrespectful to our country and those who are silenced. 

Cancel culture is toxic to both parties involved. Those who are canceled have to deal with possible societal persecution, workplace problems, relationship issues, and revoking of platforms. On the flip side, those canceling are closing themselves off from other opinions and opportunities for knowledge. A large community of people who think exactly alike is created and lacks diversity. Diversity and uniqueness are what create progression; without different ideas and thoughts, we would not advance.