Say Yes to Recycling

Say Yes to Recycling

Brianna Ramos, Reporter

Earth is a very beautiful planet when it’s kept nice and clean. Many people focus on yards and appearances, and taking care of the environment requires much more than that.

Recycling helps not only the appearance of our earth but the quality of the environment.

Appropriate recycling allows the use of already withdrawn natural resources and protects  the environment against destruction from mining. Natural resources can be recycled a number of  times without removing more resources.

Recycling doesn’t only save energy and decrease waste from landfills, it also creates jobs. Recycling starts by collecting recyclable materials from places like households, drop-off points, construction and destruction centers and businesses. Once everything is gathered, these recyclables go through a complete sorting process to separate countless materials as well as  goods of different quality. Some of these can be sold. Others will be processed and repurposed.

Recycling can also benefit the environment because disposed material and items can be turned into something that we use in our everyday lives. Empty food jars can be used for leftover foods or for spices, and old clothes can be transformed into beautiful bags or pillows.

Recycling is important, and it works better when everyone does it.