Miss Earth Crowned


Miss Earth Chandler Noble poses with runner- ups Chris Scott and Sergio Izquierdo. Photo by Nereyda Espinoza.

Brushes, glitter, and fake eyelashes cover every single table in the room. Dresses are fit and adjusted. Heels are stepped into and strapped. One by one, the contestants strut across the stage to the sound of roaring applause. But this isn’t a normal pageant. The contestants are all senior boys. Laughter fills the air as they struggle to walk in their 6 inch heels and keep their wigs on. Soon, the talents and question sections come to an end. Silence falls through the auditorium while the crowd awaits the results. Tears are shed as Miss Spain, Chandler Noble also known as Catalina Dressing, is crowned as the next Miss Earth.

Noble is crowned on December 6th in front of fellow classmates and community members. His reign will carry on throughout the next year. 

“All the girls were competitive, but I knew I would win because I love to compete,” Noble said. “I also just love strutting my stuff.”

Senior Sergio Izquierdo, known as Selena Gomez, won runner up. He represented Mexico and Eagle Publications.

“My favorite part was definitely when I danced with Kody Beene because that man exhumed manly sexiness and danced with the grace of an ice skater,” Izquierdo said. “The hardest challenge was walking in high heels and looking so good while doing it.”

The competition included four categories to help the judges determine the winner which consisted of country attire, talent, question/answer, and evening wear. Judges were the dance company instructor, the district attorney, Miss Teen Freestone, and the superintendent. Senior Logan Todd, known as Lizzette Payne, represented France and Student Council.

“I was disappointed that I did not win, but it was exhilarating at the same time,” Todd said. “I wanted to win so badly that I did not eat for fifteen days to get my beautiful body pageant ready.”

Senior Devin Johnson, known as Fettuccine Alfreda, represented Italy and the Drama Club. 

“The pageant went by very quickly and I was nervous, but it helped not being the only queen up there,”  Johnson said. “I had a good time and my favorite part was the opening number because no one could remember it so it was so funny.”

Senior David Thomas, known as Diana Thomas, represented Australia and Interact Club. He performed a duet with senior Drew Williams.

“I had a lot of fun and felt really free in my dresses,” Thomas said. “I also had a lot of fun switching from the girl voice on stage to my normal voice off stage because it was just made me laugh.”

Williams, known as Druella Von Winkle, represented Germany and Fellowship for Christian Athletes.

“It was difficult for me to build up the courage to perform in front of a crowd of my peers while dressed in women’s clothes,” Williams said. “I don’t really like to be the center of attention but this year, I have really been able to come out of my shell, and I actually had a lot of fun at the pageant.”