Friends Make the World Go Round

Friends Make the World Go Round

Jocelyn Salazar, Reporter

Little kids, teenagers, adults, everyone needs to have someone by their side. Parents and siblings sometimes are not the best supporters. You need to choose who you want.

Choose your own friends; everyone needs them. A friend is a person known well to another and regarded with affection and loyalty. At school, people need that person keep their day going positively. When someone is lonely at work, they need a friend to make them smile and laugh.

While searching for the perfect person to hang out with, be aware of warning signs. The truth is a lot of the time one actually gets used. Fake “friends” who talk about you behind your back and leave you out should probably remain casual acquaintances. 

I believe I only have a handful of friends that will be ready to help me as soon as they hear that I need their help with something. In my perspective you only need a couple real, honest friends. My real friends are the ones that didn’t give up on me. If I need advice they’ll be ready to give all the advice I need; if I need a good teaching, telling me I was wrong, they’ll tell me; and if they need to help me, they will.

Try your best to find good friends. A few good, trusting friends is better than a wide circle fake friends.

Above all, if you want to have the best friends, be a good friend.