Make the Most of Christmas Eve

Make the Most of Christmas Eve

Charlee Brackens, Sophomore Reporter

The entire month of December everyone is ecstatic and waiting for Christmas Day, but Christmas Day is not even the best part of Christmas. Christmas Eve is the best part about Christmas. You can do everything you usually do on Christmas Eve that you would usually do on Christmas Day, but you have a lot more to look forward to.

Christmas Eve by itself is so much better than Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve you still have all of that eagerness and anticipation that keeps you up half of the night until you fall asleep. On Christmas Eve you also fulfill that long December wait for the actual holiday to come, all while enjoying it of course. Overall it just feels like Christmas without it really being Christmas.

On Christmas Day once you open your last gift the holiday automatically feels like it’s over. All of the decorations feel like they’re out of place, you have to wash all of the dishes from the big meal, and pick up all of the torn wrapping paper. All of the magic just disappears. On Christmas Eve you still get to admire those decorations, while on Christmas Day you’re thinking about when you’re going to take them down. 

Some might say that Christmas Day is better because it’s the real deal or because of the, “spirit,” or that’s when you open your gifts, but Christmas Eve is really better because of the anticipation. Also the sadness felt when you realize that Christmas is over when the last gift is opened almost ruins the whole day and the spirit.

Christmas Day is filled with mixed emotions like happiness and sadness. From taking down Christmas decorations to picking up shredded wrapping paper, it’s safe to say that Christmas Eve is superior.