Project Grad: Is It Worth It?

Molly Allred, Managing Editor

Project grad is an event that takes place on the night of graduation and is open to any junior or senior. Junior parents are in charge of organizing the event, and in the past it has been out of town at event centers with arcades, laser tag, go-karts, and other activities. This year however, project grad will take place in Fairfield at Twisted Vines Event Center and will have a casino night theme, put on by hired professionals. Additionally, there will be games, movies, snacks, and prizes.

Students should still attend project grad because it is safer than going out and partying and because it is the last time for students to spend quality time together.

In this day and age, teens seem to think that the only way to have fun is to drink and smoke and act like complete idiots. Yes, it is okay to go to a couple parties for the experience, but some people lose their real friends because they are too busy following whoever has the alcohol and with trying to impress the drunks. This behavior is unsafe and can result in bodily harm in the way of alcohol poisoning, drunk driving accidents, or a variety of other things. Also, when people become drunk, they do not always know what they are doing, and this can result in irreversible actions that they will regret for years to come. People were once satisfied with simply hanging out with friends and making their own fun, which is exactly what project grad promotes. Though many students may think otherwise, alcohol is not needed for a good time.

Once school ends, freshly graduated seniors will continue to see their close friends throughout the summer, but it is doubtable that they will spend any time with their other peers or with lower classmen. Although some seniors act like they do not want anything to do with their peers after they graduate, I know that is not always the case. Naturally, the majority of seniors will miss their classmates and lower classmen and will want a chance to say goodbye. Project grad provides one last opportunity to make memories and say farewell to the classmates that will not be seen again. As much as we act like we are tired of each other and cannot wait to say goodbye, we have all grown up together and will undoubtedly miss each other in some kind of way. Attending project grad represents the last school function for seniors, and students should take advantage of it.

Although project grad is not considered “cool” anymore, it still has a lot to offer. Not only can attendees earn money and prizes, but they can have one last moment with classmates before everyone goes their separate ways. Also, project grad is safe whereas throwing a drunken party is not. Students should save the drinking and the old classmate drama for another night and come to project grad.