Ready, Set, Show

FFA steers up for competitions


Contributed by Fairfield FFA

Senior Kade Bailey won Grand Champion with his Gray Brahman at the East Texas State Fair on September 24.

From early mornings to hot afternoons, the work is never easy for those who raise and show animals. FFA students have started the year with shows, meetings, fundraisers, and practice and to prepare for their upcoming competitions.

The major entry night for Fairfield FFA is November 2 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Ag shop. There will also be a Major Pig Validation towards the end of November. Major Heifer Validation was October 26 at Emmons Ranch on North 75, and major sheep and goats validation was October 27 at the Fairgrounds.

When showing an animal, you have to be dedicated to the work” junior Paisley Lewis said. “I believe it is worth it because when you go to the shows you get to spend time with your show friends and you get money for your animals. FFA teaches responsibility and builds bonds with people and even animals you never would have thought you had.”

Sophomore Averi Minze sold her goat at the State Fair on October 1. Eighth grader Blake Phillips placed 3rd in his class with his heifer Annie at the ETX State Fair on September 28.

“Everything is worth it in my personal opinion,” sophomore Bailey Bailey said. “I cannot even begin to explain the pure joy you get from leaving the Champion drive as overall Champion after competing with thousands of other kids knowing that you personally have worked hard for this moment and it is finally paying off.”

Senior Kade Bailey, sophomore Bailey Bailey, and fourth grader Lacie (Itty Bitty) Bailey went to the East Texas State Fair on September 24. Kade won Grand Champion Gray Brahman, Bailey won Grand Champion Red Brahman, and Itty Bitty Bailey won class.

“Being a part of such a great association has made a bigger impact on me than anything else I have ever been a part of,” Bailey said. “I have grown to be more Confident, Being more Comfortable in a Crowd, Speaking in front of a crowd, and the list can continue. FFA is one big giant family and that is why it is so easy to change and become a better person because you always know that you will be accepted.”

Lamb exhibitors, junior Ellie Grissett, freshman Cole Coufal, and Kenna Coufal worked hard at the State Fair of Texas on September 26. Ellie got 10th in class and Cole placed 7th. 

Many people who are not familiar with this lifestyle will never think all of the long hours & hard work is worth it,” Grissett said, ”but if they could just get the opportunity to be so dedicated to something & then get the experience of winning a show or even just seeing all your hard work pay off in the show ring. I truly believe that people would begin to realize why the hard work is worth it.”

Cole Coufal along with Kenna Coufal and sophomore Averi Minze earned a sale slot on September 27 at the State Fair of Texas as goat exhibitors. Averi placed 2nd in class, Kenna placed 4th and Cole placed 8th in class.

FFA has a place for everyone,” Grissett said. “There are all kinds of opportunities you can get through the organization that will help you with not only knowledge, responsibility, & experience, but also scholarships, college & job applications, and many other things. FFA is a great organization that helps to teach kids morals while also helping them grow their knowledge and allowing them to gain opportunities for their future.”