Rachel Reyes

FCCLA attended their state conference on April 7. All 8 students who attended the meet received gold medals. 

I am extremely proud of these students,” FCCLA sponsor Martha Holland said. “Fairfield FCCLA has high expectations for our members who compete.” 

FCCLA is a student-led organization with an emphasis on family. FCCLA has many competitive events that allow students to experience leadership opportunities.

“It is expected that they do their best in representing themselves, our chapter, our school, and our community,” Holland said. “This group met those expectations.” 

The members who received gold medals include, Thania Davila, Brooklynn

Pilkington, Valeria Ramirez, Ana Reyes, Maria Santana, Monaysha Smith, Chasidy Starr, and Yadira Yepez.

The goal for FCCLA is to offer their members the opportunities to expand their leadership potential and help them develop life skills. 

“This year was more challenging for our members going into competition because of lack of experience,” Holland said. “Many of them had never had the opportunity to attend the competition due to COVID-19.” 

“I had a lot of fun and it was a really exciting experience,” FCCLA member Yadira Yepez said. “FCCLA has taught me many things that I will use in the future.”