Culinary Arts Names Top Chef in Class


Ally Basden and Logan Campbell

The students of Mrs. Laura Tugwell’s culinary arts classes competed their Top Chef contest November 7-16. After weeks of challenges, the Top Chef was junior Devin Rischer, and runner up was junior Brianna McDonald.

Every day we learn something new

— Avyana Terrades

Each competition day the students competing were given a bag with a few ingredients based on that day’s theme. All competitors started with the same ingredients.  Students then drew a number to determine their order to get their mystery ingredient they had to use with their bag of ingredients.  Students had one assistant who they could use for one period to help them in tasks such as cleaning and sanitizing.  The chefs had an 1 hour and 10 minutes to prepare and plate their meal and deliver it to the judges.  

“Everyday we learn something new,” junior said. “If not, we are going to learn about something new.” 

There were five rounds of challenges. Each round eliminated 4 chefs from the challenge, until the final day where 2 chefs competed for the title Top Chef. The students then shared their creations with staff and faculty members.

“Blessing the staff with our food brings us all joy,” junior Alyssa Kocher said.

The judges were Mrs. McQuinn, Ms. Gibson, Mrs. Faughn, Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Gourlay.  They scored each contestant and decided on their top competitors each day and their bottom 4 to eliminate. The judges scored the foods based on appearance, plating, smell, and flavor.