Vice Principal and Art Teacher

Fairfield’s Very Own Hallmark Story


At Fairfield ISD there are many married couples among the staff, but not everyone has had a  hallmark story like the Frauenbergers who started working at FHS this year.

Assistant Principal Rick Fraunberger and art teacher Teri Frauenberger met in 1984 when Mrs. Frauenberger was in high school and Mr. Frauenberger was in Junior College.

The big thing to do back in my day was ride up and down the main street in my hometown before going to the dance hall.  He was riding around with some people I went to high school with and we met at a convenient store and he asked me if I wanted a piece of gum,” Mrs. Frauenberger said.  “Later that evening, we met up again at Silver Wings Dance Hall and we danced several songs together…and that was history in the making for us!”

After dating for two years, the two married on February 22, 1986. The Frauenbergers worked different jobs for five years until they decided to continue their education. 

“After both of us working for five years an opportunity came up for me to coach baseball for McNeese State University as a student assistant on full scholarship in pursuit of a teaching/coaching occupation,” Mr. Frauenberger said. “Mrs. Frauenberger went to work in Lake Charles for a sign company because she wanted to do something in Art.  When she got off work she looked like a street sweeper with dirt and sawdust all over her.  We decided it would be best for her to go back to school for what she loved to do so she began pursuing an Art degree.”

The Frauenbergers have had three kids, Lisa, Shelby, and little Rick, and while their kids were in school, they stayed in the same district to keep their family together. 

“We loved teaching and coaching because it allowed our family to be together and enjoy the school breaks together.  We have always worked at the same school district together,” Mrs. Frauenberger said.  “We had several opportunities to work at different schools but we felt strongly to stay in the same district so that we could be a part of each other’s life as well as our children.  We didn’t want to be pulled in two different directions and miss out.”

Teri and Rick Fraunberger have been married for 35 years and continue as the newest couple added to the Fairfield staff. 

¨Fairfield by far has been the best place that we have had an opportunity to work at,¨ Mrs. Frauenberger said.  ¨We wished our children could have experienced going to school here. The type of community and co-workers and their beliefs are the type of people that we want to surround ourselves with.  It is refreshing to be a part of this school district.¨

Mrs. Frauenberger has given new life to the school by placing her student’s artwork everywhere, while Mr. Frauenberger goes and checks on everyone in the school even when there are no kids in trouble. 

¨We love working in Fairfield,¨ Mr. Frauenberger said. ¨The people we work with are great and the students are awesome.  I have coached, taught, and been an administrator at 10 different schools. Fairfield is by far the best place we have been.  I wish our children would have had the opportunity to grow up here.¨