Students to Attend Engineering Contest at Texas A&M

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Students to Attend Engineering Contest at Texas A&M

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The engineering students at Texas A&M will host their annual conference EnVision on Saturday at Texas A&M’s Engineering Building. SPARK sponsor Misty Rhoden will take a group of 10 students to compete.

“SPARK this year has had some challenging changes added to it,” senior Sarah McHenry said. “However, I always enjoy constructing and building our projects.”

The program, SPARK,  gives an item to make, a budget, and certain building restrictions they need to follow. 

“There is no training involved,” Rhoden. “They do this outside of school hours.”

This year, they had to build a small car, for less than $50, to hold a real egg. The car must be able to withstand a crash into the wall without the egg breaking.

“I am not sure how they will do,” Rhoden said. “It depends on their finished products and if they work or not.”  

Students involved in SPARK are seniors Sarah McHenry, Cristal Reyes, Michael Arbaiza, junior Harpreet Walia, sophomores MaKayla Van, Preston Patrick, Jeremy Kilkenny, Julian Jefferson, Nathaniel Dunlap, and DeMarkus Hudson. 

“It’s sad to know this is my last year, but I relish in the memories SPARK has given me,” McHenry said. “My SPARK experience has given me the confidence to continue on with my career path.”