FFA Represents at Competition


A year of FFA competition will continue with freshman Blake Phillips speaking on July 10th at State FFA Convention in Dallas as the state competition of Animal Science Prepared Speaking.

FFA officers participated in the TVCC District Convention in Athens run by sophomore District President Cole Coufal.

“I got to meet tons of people,” Cole Coufal said, “and thoroughly enjoyed meeting those who would learn to grow along with me.” 

Advanced participants include freshman Blake Phillips, who won first in Animal Science Prepared Speaking, and freshman Avery Strait, who won second in Jr. Prepared Speaking. Phillips placed first out of nine competitors at area on May 12, and will compete. This CDE season has over 80 schools in our Area 8. The students practiced, studied, and for many, tried new contests.

“First, students put in a lot of hours after school and on weekends to get their projects completed for show,” Ag teacher Clay Sherman said. “Once the project is completed the students will then learn their project in detail. They will know everything from fabrication methods used to the thread pitch on the lug nuts.”

In Dairy Cattle, Ayden Canizales, Lauren Scott, Heidi Bailes and Kaylie Ridge were eighth in district and 31st in area. In Entomology, Adalyn Peterson, Bryanna Willis, Kyden Rodriguez were first in district and 18th in area. In Farm Business Mgt. Connor Colvert, Obie Crook, Connor Petty were second in district and sixth in area.

  “You learn skills that can prepare you for your future career in whatever your field may be and also teaches you how to have better social skills,” sophomore Connor Petty said. “I do enjoy it, because the FFA has given me friends and opportunities that are going to help me a lot in the future.”

In Floriculture, Addison Shipley, Kaylan Anderson, Jaci Schmidt, Reese Beaver were fifth in district and 31st in area. In Homesite, Cale Myers individual got seventh in district and 34th in area. In Horse, Delaney McGowan eighth out of 190, Nicole Hawkins, Lilli Poole, Alaina Baker were third in District and 16th in Area.

“Participating in ag teaches students about hard work, being a good citizen, and how to deal with real world problems,” Carolyn Dunlap said. “Ag classes strengthen resumes and provides students with different paths.”

In Land, Trinity Glass, Brailey Keeney, Cinthia Serrato, Jenae Weathered were third in District and 11th in Area. In Livestock, Blake Phillips, Cade Nelson, Avery Strait, Cole Coufal were fourth in district and 25th in area. In Milk Quality, Carolyn Dunlap, Reese White, Azlyn Ratliff were fourth in district and 27th in area. 

“The contest is super long, challenging, and time consuming but rewarding,” Cole Coufal said, “ because you see improvement in yourself and friends.”

In Poultry, MaKenna Eppes, Kole Brackens, Jack Savage, Marissa Eppes were fourth in district and 20th in area. In Vet Science, Gracie Robinson, Riley Ralstin, Emily Leatherman, Liz Pillans were fourth in district and 25th in area.

“I enjoy Ag because there is something for everyone,” Carolyn Dunlap said. “You can participate in anything from floriculture to poultry judging.”

Land and Range teams competed at the Bedias Creek contest in Groesbeck. There are several new team members this year, so they are practicing for the Area contest. These members include: Trinity Glass, Rainy Bonds, Jerry Draper, Cale Myers, Jenae Weathered, Cinthia Serrato, Samayah Wiley.