Class of 2023 Honor Graduates Announced


Tiffany Jauregui and Kylie Story

The Honor Graduates for the class of 2023 were announced on Monday May 1 at the annual Fairfield High School Academic Banquet. These students, along with the rest of their graduating class, will walk the stage on May 26 at 8:00 PM at the Johnson Activity Center.

“I feel very excited and honored to have reached the position that I did,” valedictorian Johnathan Thomas said. “I plan to go to Sam Houston State University and major in biomedical science.”

In order to be an honor graduate, students must have a gpa of a 4.0 or higher. Twenty-four students from the class of 2023 will be graduating with this achievement. 

“My biggest challenge in high school was probably deadlines,” salutatorian Elizabeth Rath said. “I spent many nights before an exam or giant deadline studying because I procrastinated until the last minute.” 

The following students are the honor graduates of the class of 2023:

MyKayla Anderson (4.06); Britney Delgado (4.08); Gilbrea McNeil (4.10); Violeta Espinoza (4.21); Rex Bean (4.22); Alexi Walthall (4.30); Emily Leatherman (4.32); Dakota Maynes (4.35); Caleb George (4.37); Cale Myers (4.45); Kaden Lambright (4.46); Arly Salazar (4.46); Spain Covert (4.51); Kalame Bonner (4.52); Kolby Adams (4.70); Thania Davila (4.77); Braiden Barrett (5.02); Riley Ralstin (5.06); Payton Bothelo (5.15); Samuel Marsters (5.15) (Owen); McKinna Brackens (5.26); Chasidy Starr (5.30); Elizabeth Rath (5.32) Salutatorian; Johnathan Thomas (5.38) Valedictorian

“I plan to go to Baylor and study business,” senior Samuel Marsters said. “My favorite teacher is Mr.Owen because he helped me get to state in number sense and I’ll forever thank him for it.”