Grand Band Prepares for Spring Concert

Jocelyn Salazar, Reporter

The Grand Band from Eagleland will be performing their Spring Concert on May 15, at the high school auditorium at 7 p.m. They will be playing songs from Aladdin, Bohemian Rhapsody, Dragonborn, How To Train Your Dragon, L’ Estasi Dell Oro (From The Good The Bad & The Ugly), and The Star Wars Saga.

All the songs that were submitted were chosen by students. Then the directors chose and ordered the ones they could.

“I chose songs that I thought would sound cool in our band,” sophomore Benjamin Kilkenny said, “like How To Train Your Dragon” and “Dragonborn.”

The songs were all taken into consideration at the beginning, and band director Russell Holland confirmed the ones that sounded best.

“I tried to retire How to Train your Dragon and Dragonborn” said Holland “but there was a big movement to keep them.”  

The students have been practicing the songs every day in their class. As class went on every day Holland studied how the band played the songs requested.

It is impossible to get what everyone wants,” said Holland, “but all of the songs on the concert represent what a majority of the student body requested to play.”

In addition to the regular marching band, starting next year there will also be a jazz band class available to take. A few people have already signed up for this new class.

“I love jazz,” baritone player Brook Cobb said. “It allows me to explore a different style or music and learn to play my instrument better while spending time with my friends.”

In order to sign up for jazz band, students should talk to a band director and the office.