Girls to Compete at Regional Track Tomorrow


Tiffany Jauregui and Kylie Story

Athletes advancing to Regionals will compete on April 28 and 29 at Midway High School in Waco, Texas. Fairfield hosted the District 20-3A HS Track Meet Prelims and Finals on April 13 and 14. As well as hosting the District 19 & 20 3A Area Meet on Wednesday April 19.

“I think they have improved,” track coach Randy Barger said. “they saw what their capability was last year at state so they have a you know they have a standard and a mark to run at and so I think they’ve all tried to elevate themselves back to that level so that made them all improve.”

At district, four separate groups of athletes competed against seven other schools. The results for teams overall are as follows: junior varsity Girls – 2nd, junior varsity Boys – 2nd, varsity girls – 1st, and varsity boys – 7th. At area, only varsity boys and girls competed. Boys placed 14 overall as a team and girls placed 1st as a team. 

“I already miss track,” sophomore Jerry Draper said. “I compete for the glory of God.”

Athletes that place second or higher in their event will advance to the Conference 3A State Track Meet in Austin, Texas from May 11 to May 13. 

“I’ve done better than I’ve done before and I advanced,” freshman Madison Russell said. “I think about how I have less to do then when I started with [when I run]”.

The results for individual athletes that placed at District or Area can be found below.