Artist Spotlight

Junior to Display Work


Junior Emily Kent with her art.

Casey Couture and Zada Pjetrovic

There are many creative people all around the school, but one in particular artist stands out from the rest.

Junior Emily Kent will have her artwork featured in the art show at the Freestone Medical Center tonight at 4pm.

Kent has been involved in art since she was young. She uses Prisma art pencils in her latest collection.

“I was the only one in my family to do something creative,” Kent said “I really like to draw because I feel like I can express myself clearly.”

In high school, art teacher Teri Frauenberger has guided and mentored Kent through her artistic journey.

“Emily has very good fine motor skills,” Frauenberger said. “She can perfectly copy any technique you show on her first try.” 

Artwork by Emily Kent
Artwork by Emily Kent
Artwork by Emily Kent