A Castle for Christmas

Cozy Christmas Movies Move to Netflix


Brianna Ramos, Reporter

The Hallmark channel is not the only place to find the heartfelt holiday movies you’re looking for.

The movie “A Castle for Christmas” (2021), directed by Mary Lambert and written by Ally Carter and Kim Beyer-Johnson is available on Netflix. The two main stars that this movie focuses on are Sophie played by Brooke Shields and Myles by Cary Elwes. The genre of this movie is adventure, comedy, drama, and with some romance in it.

The bestselling author, Sophie escapes to Scotland from a scandal involving her new book. While on her journey she decides to buy the castle from the grumpy duke, Myles but faces off with him in order to buy. Of course, she also ends up falling in love.

This movie was very slow paced, but later on it became very interesting. I really enjoyed the architecture and scenery, and the cozy music fit the setting in Scotland so well. There were also some scenes where it made me laugh and giggle. The whole romance between the two was great, and this movie made me feel happy and warm.