Fostering Foundations

Students Join In FCA Fields of Faith


Caleb George delivers the devotional at FCA’s Fields of Faith. Photo contributed by Mr. Jeff Wright.

Over 500 schools around the nation recently provided an opportunity for students to step back from the stress of school and connect, support, understand and uplift each other.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, sponsored by teacher Jeff Wright, held Fields of Faith at the high school auditorium last Wednesday. Senior Caleb George led the main sermon about the choices that teenagers make.

“I really wanted to speak to people, you know,” George said. “We make so many important choices every day, and God should influence them.”

Councilor Cindy Kirgan gave her testimony where she talked about going through hard times and having a positive outlook through God’s eyes.

“I told Senor Wright that he needed to do it because he was more qualified,” Kirgan said. “Then I went to church on Sunday and the pastor talked about discipleship. I just felt God nudging me to give my testimony, and I did, even though it was hard.”

Young members of Round Prairie led the churches in worship with three songs.

“The songs really connected me with heaven,” sophomore Addison Bailes said. “It felt like Jesus was sitting right next to me.”

Several local churches participated and helped sponsor Fields of Faith. Over 500 schools held a Fields of Faith event that night.

“I think it’s gonna have a variety of impacts, small to large, and even the smallest of impacts is important and makes Fields of Faith worth it,” district director Andrea Roller said. “Maybe they’ll speak to somebody they haven’t greeted. Maybe they will be inspired to do even a small act of kindness.”