A Night In New Orleans

An Exceptional Prom Night for 2022


(Left) Prom King Eli Pierce (Right) Prom Queen Ally Robinson

Prom was held at Twisted Vines on April 10, with the theme “A Night in New Orleans.” Along with the usual festivities, there was also a special guest, Aubree Blair. She received yellow roses as well as small heart notes from students wishing her well before she left. Afterwards, there was dancing, food, and nominations. 


“I did not make it in time to see Aubrey. I really wish I could’ve seen her, and I think her being at our prom made it even more special this year,” said Senior and Prom Queen Ally Robinsion. “I had an amazing time at last year’s prom, but this senior prom was special. Maybe it meant a little more to me because I knew it would be the last school dance function I would ever go to. To see everyone having a good time and dressed up was so much fun.” 


There were multiple awards given out to seniors other than Prom King and Queen. 

Recipients for “Most Likely to Be a Millionaire” were Breyunna Dowell and Nathan Dunlap. The award for “Heart of Gold” went to Ally Robinson. “Gentle Giant” was awarded to Riley Armstrong. The awards for “News Anchor” were given to Bailee Acreman and Kelton Carlson. “Best Snacks” was awarded to Hayden Braswell and Rachel Lewis. “Best Dressed” was given to Audrey Archibald and Eli Pierce. The recipients for “Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket” went to Makensy Issacs and Karson Shipley. 


Last, but certainly not least, the awards for Prom King and Queen went to Eli Pierce and Ally Robinson. Though the usual Prom King and Queen awards are traditional, the other awards are a new addition. 


“I thought it would be fun to have a few more awards building up to the Prom King and Queen, and we could have more seniors recognized,” said Coordinator Elizabeth Collier. “Overall, despite the changes made with the venue and the stress it caused, I feel that prom was a success. It was nice to see the students dressed in their fancy clothes, and I’m happy that they had fun.”