Basketball Teams Continue to Chew Up Competition


Alexi Walthall and Rachel Reyes

The Eagles varsity basketball team will play against the Groesbeck Goats here at 7:30 P.M on Friday. Following the boys game, the  Lady Eagles will begin bi-district at Midway High School against Florence on Monday at 6:00 P.M. 

“The girls played well even though we’ve had easier games,” head coach Sally Whitaker said. “Playing Teague was good. We got to play the style we like to play.” 

The girls varsity team won 76-33 against Teague and finished a game last Saturday against Franklin with a win of 102-41  The girls are currently on a 31 win streak which continues to keep them 1st place in district.

“The games have been really interesting so far,” freshman Jasmine Mandujano said. “I was over here looking back and forth during the games trying to catch up with the players.” 

The boys varsity team won against Teague with a final score of 63-38, but lost their streak of 4 wins to Franklin with a loss of 73-52. 

“Probably if anything they need to work on is their defensive skills,” trainer Monaysha Smith said. “The best thing they can do at this point is keep the other team from scoring.” 

The girls basketball team ended district against Crockett and won 90-14. The boys lost against Crockett, but maintained 4th in district with 7 wins and 5 losses. 

“They all played really well and the higher the score went the better it felt,” kindergarten teacher Emily Beaver said. “Keep playing hard and we’ll make it to the playoffs.” 

Junior Rex Bean made the most three-pointers with 3 of them scoring for the boys team against the Lions. Senior Jarahle Daniels scored 4 three-pointers against the Lady Lions.