Softball Swings into Spring


Charlee Brackens, Sophomore Reporter

The Lady Eagle softball team plays their first game of the season at La Vega on February 14. Practice was expected to start January 15th, however it was pushed back to January 19th due to covid-related school closure. The season started this past Friday in a scrimmage against Palestine.

“I’m excited to see our team shine this year because I think we have good girls who are willing to work hard, even though they make mistakes sometimes,” senior Chelsie Faughn said. “I’m also excited about playing home games one last time.”

The returning players are Landry Bayless, Madox Mitchael, Addie Cox, Zadie McPherson, McKinna Brackens, Chelsie Faughn, Kennedy Lane, Cooper Lawley, and Kyndal Plfeeger. The coaches are Josh Stevenson, Dennis Johnson, and Sally Whitaker.

 “I am excited to see us overall as a team,” senior Kyndal Pfleeger said. “I think we have a strong group of girls with a lot of potential so I’m excited to see how we do.”                                                                                                                  

The team has been practicing outside in the cold, on the field, and in the cages to prepare for the upcoming season. The first district game is at home on March 8th against Elkhart.