Freestone Battle

Boys Take on Teague Tonight at Home

Rachel Reyes, Copy Editor

After winning against Buffalo and Westwood, the boys’ basketball team will compete against the Teague Lions here starting at 6:15 P.M. 

“What motivates me is playing a game that I love, ” junior Rex Bean said. “I only have one year left so I might as well go all out.” 

As of now, the team has won 13 games and lost 11. If they win against the Lions they’ll achieve a streak of 4 wins. 

“I’m most excited to compete against some of the top teams in our district,” head coach Kris Ballew said. “The potential of advancing through the playoffs has kept us going as well.” 

The team has won against 3 schools so far. Against Buffalo, the varsity team won 68-55 with senior Dakerione Cunnigham scoring 3 three-pointers. 

“A lot of us have played together since we were really young,” junior Caleb George said. “I feel like that chemistry helps us work well together.” 

In their most recent game, Elkhart lost to the varsity team by 10 points. The team scored 22 points in the first quarter of the game and 21 in the last quarter of the game. 

“We are currently third in the district,” Ballew said. “We have a good chance of advancing into the playoffs.” 

The team currently has a record of 6-3 with five district games remaining.