Lady Eagles to Take on Teague


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The Lady Eagles won the Gold at the Aggieland Invitational Tournament over the winter break.

Alexi Walthall, Junior Reporter

The Lady Eagles basketball team will travel to Teague tonight  to further their journey during district. They will play Franklin at home on January 11.

“Our goal is to do everything we can to give ourselves the opportunity to compete at the State level again,” head coach Sally Whitaker said. “We have learned that anything can happen when you get to that point.  We want another chance to compete against the best teams in the state.”

The team played a tough home game against Brownsboro on New Years Eve and took home the win 64-40. 

“We plan on taking it one game at a time and focusing on winning the game at hand and working on getting better for the next game after that,” junior McKinna Brackens said. “We work well together because we all have the same goals and wants, so when you have that you have a good chemistry between the team on the court.”

The following week after their win from Brownsboro, the girls won their home game against Elkhart 75-5. 

“Compared to last year I feel like the basketball girls are more of a team,” student trainer Chasidy Starr said. “They communicate with each other better and know how to play together more on the court rather than trying to play individually to win the game.” 

The Lady Eagles defeated Mt. Vernon 47-20 in the championship game, winning the Fairfield tournament on December 11. During that same tournament, seniors Breyunna Dowell won the free throw contest, and Jarahle Daniels won the 3 point contest.

We plan on advancing through our defense,” senior Breyunna Dowell said. “Not playing on the other team’s level has progressed from last year. We keep the game at our speed which tends to make it harder for the other opponent. That same mentality of wanting to always win keeps us working together, even on our worst days.”