The Creepy Side of Santa

Alexi Walthall

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which comes with the upcoming reminder that Santa is coming once again. He is seen as a popular representation of what Christmas is all about. 

Even though we recognize him as an iconic holiday figure, the general public is unaware of the creepy deeper demeanor he possesses.

As it says in the song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, his figure is known to watch children sleep and watch their every move. Not to mention the unsettling tradition that he breaks into homes. Many families bake cookies in order to coax them into their own homes. People all around the world lie to their children about an imaginary figure coming into their house, eating their cookies, and watching them all year long to make sure they behave. It’s a terrifying Christmas tradition that teaches kids that their parents lie to them and make a scary man sound whimsical.

Santa wouldn’t be able to pull off Christmas without the help of his elfs. Santa is known to have helpers, like the ones at the mall where parents pay money for their children to sit on a random stranger’s lap. Santa also has little helpers, also known as Elf on the Shelf. The little elfs are known to come into homes around Christmas time and sit in random spots around the house watching everyone. They then “report to Santa” every night about the children’s behavior when in reality the parents just move the elf into a different spot. Children are being lied to which in turn destroys the child’s trust with their parents once they find out the truth of Santa. As well as promoting the worship of Santa Claus like he’s a god.

Many people believe Santa brings joy and Christmas spirit  to children . However in reality it only gives them false hope of an unrealistic character.  This hope will be crushed once they inevitably learn of the actual gift givers. 

Santa should not be portrayed as the god of Christmas. The whole idea of him is disturbing and unsettling. The idea of promoting normalization of strangers  breaking  into a home should not be worshiped nor taught to children.