Brush Hour

Artist Jon Flaming visits Fairfield


Payton Botelho

Artist Jon Flaming speaks to students at the Williford Foundation Gallery in Fairfield.

Trinity Star Arts Council (TSAC) hosted painter Jon Flaming at the Williford Foundation Gallery last Thursday. 

Flaming showed his own pieces and artwork from the FISD art classes. Flaming has developed his art style over many years. He originally was a realistic painter then moved on to a more stylized, a process that took about twenty-five.

“I’m excited that they’re excited about the projects,” said Flaming. “And that they got to talk about their art.”

Flaming’s wife and manager Kathy joined while he talked to students about their art. Flaming gave them positive critiques and encouraged them to continue in art.

“The famous artist Jon Flaming was our inspiration to create a unique work of art in his style of abstract, geometric shapes and western theme,” art teacher Teri Frauenberger said. “The students added something about Fairfield, along with his style, to create their original composition.  I am so proud of the students who participated.  They enjoyed learning about his style.  It pushed them out of their comfort zone to try something new.  Their artwork was very successful and definitely accomplished the objective.”

Students who participated in providing artwork for the student art exhibition were sophomores Kaden Dallas and Emily Kent, juniors Violetta Hernandez, Ariana Hernandez, and Payton Botelho, and seniors Emma Sharp, Jaysa Smith, Aleiyah West, Lexi Combs, Emily Knight, Maria Santana, Alexis Gallegos, and Ayden Peters. Their work alongside Jon Flaming’s will be displayed at the Williford Foundation Gallery through November 12, Wednesday-Friday from 1-3pm.