Students Care

Students give blood


Charlee Brackens

Senior Dylan Pickens rolls up her sleeves to give blood at the blood drive.

Charlee Brackens

The Student Council will have a donation for Carter Bloodcare. They held a blood drive on Friday September 10, in the South Gym all throughout the school day. Sixty-five student donors gave a total of 62 units of blood. 

¨It’s not a fun thing to do,¨ Student Council Sponsor Mrs. Wade said, ¨but it saves lives.¨ 

Giving blood can be very uncomfortable. From the nurses trying to find a vein to draw blood from, to the dizziness and sick like feeling afterwards, it’s just all a part of the process.

¨On a scale of one to ten the pain was a three,¨ senior Jordan Maciel said, ¨but it was really a zero because the pain was a non factor.¨ 

One donor donating blood can save three lives, which means that the students who participated saved 186 lives. Seniors who donate twice will receive red cords to wear at graduation.