Eagles Take Their Home Field


Jordan Maciel

The Eagles will suit up for their first home game of 2021, playing against the Robinson Rockets at 6:30 tonight.

“I think we have improved and grown all together as a whole,” senior Bosque Monico said. “This Friday I expect us to play to our full potential and play as a team.”

This first home game will also serve as Homecoming.

“I think,” senior Haden Braswell said, “after having a few games under our pads and now being able to play on our home turf, we’ll be settled and ready to rock for the big homecoming game.”

The first few games for the eagles were rocky, and all ended in a great second half just too little too late.

“We have been playing bigger teams in order to get ready for the district games for this season’” senior Karson Shipley said. “I think that it has given us the opportunity to see where our faults lie and improve them, so we can make the best out of this season.”

This will be the fourth game of the 2021 season. The first three games ended in a loss to Rusk, Brownsboro, and Athens.

“We’ve won the second half of our previous games,” junior Braiden Barrett said. “If we play this whole game how we have been in the second half, we can play like a top tier playoff team. We’ve made several changes this week offensively and made team improvements. I’m feeling like we’re going to show out and bring it to the Rockets.”