Classes Hold Student Leadership Elections


Eagle Eye Yearbook

The senior class elects five students as class officers.

Rachel Reyes and Alyson Sanchez

Several students will represent their class as class officers and student representatives for the 2021-2022 school year. 

“I’m actually really excited to be a senior class officer,” senior Yadira Yepez said. “I’m sure the rest of the officers and I will do a great job this year.”

Elections for class officers and representatives were held on Thursday, September 2. The results were announced on September 3 along with a run-off for student representatives. 

“I received the position as president of the student council,” Yepez said. “I was really shocked that so many people voted for me.” 

The senior class elected Yepez as President, Rhett Bell as Vice-President, Emori Davis as Treasurer, Andrea Diaz as Secretary, and Rachel Lewis as Reporter.  In the junior class elections, Jonathan Garcia was elected President, Braiden Barrett was elected Vice-President, Spain Covert and Audrie Smith as Treasurer, Ellie Grissett as Secretary, and Payton Botelho as Reporter. 

“I’m glad that I am able to be a part of something this year, ” Diaz said. “I hope that all the officers, freshmen to seniors, can work together to make this year great.”

The sophomore class elected Gabe Johnson as President, Christian Davila as Vice-President, Deyla Morgan as Treasurer, and Eashan Kalyanji as Secretary. The freshman class officers are Rylie Longer as President, Jerry Draper as Vice President, Justus Savage as Treasurer, Jimilyah Nash as Secretary, and Adan Espinoza as Reporter. 

“I was surprised to hear that there was a run-off for senior student representatives,” Yepez said. “I’m sure the student body elected the best candidates.” 

Eli Pierce was elected as 1 of the 3 student council representatives and a runoff was held to determine the last 2 representatives which were Mason Wright and Luc Tran. Junior class representatives are Hannah Johnson, Chasidy Starr, and Paisley Lewis. Sophomore class representatives are Addie Cox, Linsey Cockerell, and Avery Thaler. The freshman class representatives are Addison Posey, Carolyn Dunlap, and Rylie Longer.