Bailee Acreman, Co-Editor in Chief

Fairfield girls and boys attended their regional meets on March 6th and 13th respectively. Two of the girl lifters and four of the boy lifters placed at the meets. They will continue working until next season.

“Advancing to regional and getting a medal at regional are both great achievements,” coach Kevin Childers said. “The young ladies and gentlemen that competed all did an amazing job this year.” 

The two medalists for the girls regional powerlifting meet were freshman Emma Jo Smith with 3rd place in the 114 pound weight class and senior Kelli Jo Richardson with 4th place in the 181 pound weight class.

“Being a freshman in high school is not easy. But when I started powerlifting it brought all of this confidence in my life,” freshman Emma Jo Smith said. “It made me feel alive and ready to conquer anything. It felt natural to lift. Coach Childers and Mrs. Childers brought me so much joy in my lifting. I will definitionally be back next year.”

The four medalists for the boys regional powerlifting meet were Eli Castillo with 4th place in the 123 pound weight class, Hayden Braswell with 3rd place in the 165 pound weight class, Bosque Monico with 3rd place in the Super HeavyWeight class, and Trayden Johnson with 4th place in the Super HeavyWeight class.