Young Poet Slams into First Place

Students Compete in TSAC Poetry Contest



Kalyanji, Acreman, and Bayless placed in TSAC’s Poetry Slam.

Rachel Reyes, Reporter

The Trinity Star Arts Council hosted the 2021 Poetry Slam contest which ended on February 1, 2021.  Six students from the district competed in the contest. 

Other schools inside and outside of the district participated in the contest. At the high school level, freshman Eashan Kalyanji placed third, freshman Landry Bayless placed second, and junior Bailee Acreman placed first.

“I’ve always really enjoyed poetry,” Acreman said. “While I probably wouldn’t have done the contest if Mrs. Maciel hadn’t assigned it to me, I’m glad I did anyway.”

Slam poetry is usually read in front of a live audience.  In the Poetry Slam, contestants wrote a poem on the theme  “This is me.”

“I actually was really nervous to read it,” said Acreman. “It was something really close to me.” 

In order to enter the contest, contestants have to read their original poem in front of a camera and upload it to YouTube. 

“I didn’t think I would place.” said Acreman. “So when I got first, I was extremely surprised. 

Acreman’s recorded poem is can be viewed below.