Horror Game Until Dawn Thrills and Surprises

Horror Game Until Dawn Thrills and Surprises

Payton Botelho, Reporter

Until Dawn is an interactive horror game following 8 young adults and their fates in the Blackwood mountains. The story starts a year before following a tragedy of one of the main characters. Then it moves to the present where everyone comes back as a reunion to show that what happened was a memory, but sadly it was far from over.

The game is heavily dependent on choice. From the beginning, the game explains to you the butterfly effect and how your choices now will affect what happens to you later, and no matter how many times you play through the game there will be a different ending for there are 256 endings. Each play-through is designed to last seven to nine hours of intense decision-making. 

From my personal experience, I never got to play the game because it’s only available on the PlayStation 4 which I do not own but after watching multiple playthroughs from YouTubers I can say that Until Dawn is an incredible game that gives the player not only a chance to save all the playable characters but also to kill them. 

Until Dawn is rated R and is not recommended towards a younger audience but is an extremely thrilling game for those who love gore.  The game was original released in 2015 and is still widely appreciated for its diverse gameplay. I fully recommend this game to people who enjoy not only horror but an underlying story that is present in the game.