Powerlifting Meets Continue

Boys and Girls teams continue progress


Jordan Maciel

Freshman Eli Castillo placed first in his weight class at the Fairfield meet.

Audrie Smith, Reporter

Fairfield High School powerlifting will compete tonight in Malakoff. Boys and girls powerlifting competed here against Westwood Jan 21. They also competed in Bosqueville Jan 16.

Boys results from the home were (in their respective weight class) freshman Eli Castillo placed 1st, freshman Rowdy Hand placed 2nd, junior Croix McBean placed 3rd, freshman Jake White  placed 4th, sophomore Luke Martinez placed 1st, junior Kelton Carlson placed 2nd, junior Nick Martinez placed 3rd, freshman Evan Chavers placed 4th, freshman River Bonds placed 2nd, sophomore Wilson Basden placed 3rd, and freshman Brady Williams placed 4th. 

“Powerlifting has made me much stronger and has boosted my confidence. In powerlifting I feel accomplished after hitting a new max,” McBean said. “I work very hard to reach my goals and push myself to become better. If I face a problem, I always try to find a way to fix it. When I accomplish something, I try to encourage other lifters to do the same.”

Girls results from the home meet were (in their respective weight class) freshman Emma Jo Smith placed 1st, freshman Linsey Cockrell placed 2nd, freshman Marissa Epps placed 3rd, freshman Abby Coleman placed 1st, junior Bailey Ackerman placed 1st, senior Katy Grounds placed 2nd, senior Keaden Salinas placed 1st, senior Calla Childers placed 2nd, freshman Bailey Bailey placed 3rd, sophomore Tashan Gomer placed 1st, and junior Ashley Harris placed 1st. 

“I am really excited for this season. This is something that I just started, but I love lifting, so this is a great activity for me. Powerlifting has made me stronger, healthier, happier, and overall better in the long run,” Maciel said. “Powerlifting is a sport, it requires practice, you can’t just go in there the day of the meet and expect to have gold around your neck. It’s a daily thing, practicing daily for it. I work very hard throughout the week in and out of the gym lifting, core and running to be at my best on the day of. Sometimes you have a bad day, but you keep pushing to reach your goals.” 

At the Bosqueville meet, the boys were (in their respective weight class) sophomore Luke Martinez placed 4th, Julio Roque placed 2nd, and Traydon Johnson placed 1st. Junior Hayden Braswell placed 3rd, junior Julian Jefferson placed 5th, junior Logan Walker placed 3rd, and senior Jacob Espinoza placed 5th. Girls results from the Bosqueville meet were (in their respective weight class) freshman Ellie Grissett placed 3rd, junior Breyunna Dowell placed 2nd, junior Jordan Maciel placed 1st, and senior Kelli Joe Richardson placed 3rd.

“Powerlifting has made me more confident in myself and made me a lot stronger overall. The best thing about powerlifting is for sure, getting to compete against others and having fun. It is great for meeting new people and making friends”, Luke Martinez says. “I didn’t think I could get the weights up then compared to now. I believe in myself in whatever weight I do and it is one of my favorite sports and I plan on continuing powerlifting throughout highschool.” 

The Qualifying meets for both boys and girls will begin in February.