Students Begin to Use Local Disc Golf Course


Audrie Smith

Junior Gage Lane throws a putt on the disc golf course.

Disc golf makes a breakthrough in Fairfield, Texas with a new disc golf course established this year. The course designers Andrew Weitner and Casey Wright are continuing to improve the course.

The city has approved and paid for the extension of the tee pads and to decline access to parking of cars on the disc golf course.

“The  next few steps are to surround the tee pads with decomposed granite and surround them with brick, then adding tournament pin locations to make the course more difficult,” pastor and head of FDGA Andrew Weitner said. “The heart behind it was to bring in a healthy community and culture, to get people out, and give them the opportunity to exercise, the course right now has about 2 miles of hiking considering the terrain.”

The Fairfield Disc Golf Association holds weekly tournaments on Fridays and Saturdays.

“FDGA is great because I like to get together as a group and play a good round of disc golf. It’s a good way to bring people together and makes it easy to make new friends” junior and FDGA member Gage Lane said. “Anyone can come out and have a good time.”

The disc golf course is located on 836 E Commerce St. in Fairfield City Park.

“I think having a local course is great for the community and anyone looking for a new hobby, it’s easier to access,” FDGA member Zachary Pratt member of FDGA said. “I have made a lot of new friendships, it’s easy to meet new people, and they are very welcoming.”

The terrain of the course can be challenging in some areas. It is moderately wooded with hills. Towards the end of the course water comes into play.

“The course can be challenging when you are throwing through the trees,” FDGA member Richard Lane said. “Competing is fun when you can see how well you rank compared to everyone else.”

To join the Fairfield Disc Golf Association the entry fee is $50 including T-shirts and a mini disc. If no T-shirt and mini disc is included, the fee is $25.

For questions or more information, contact the Disc Golf Association at