Food, Fellowship, Faith

Counselors start a new club


Margie Savage, Photo Editor

A new student organization, Eagles for Christ, meets every Wednesday during second lunch in the north lecture room. Counselors Cindy Kirgan and Samantha Earp sponsor this student lead club.

“A group of students came to me and they had been praying to start something like Eagles for Christ and this is how it all got started” Kirgan said. “They just needed a sponsor to get it all going. It was easy to be the sponsor because I just love our Eagle family at Fairfield High School and I just love our Jesus!”

Each week the counselors bring food for the students to eat. From lasagna to pizza to soups, the counselors bring all kinds of food to eat at lunch. 

Well, for starters, the lasagna is incredible” junior Frankie Nelson said, “but I’ve grown a lot in my relationships with different people and in my relationship with God. I always look forward to Wednesdays because being surrounded by a positive group of Christians really helps me get through my week”

Eagles for Christ will put a prayer box in the counselor’s office after spring break so students can drop their prayer requests in a box anonymously, and Eagles for Christ will spend some time praying for each of the requests. 

“I’ve already seen students excited about Eagles for Christ” Kirgan said. “I’ve seen students helping each other, singing, laughing, growing, loving, smiling all the in name of Jesus!”

The club began to meet at the beginning of this semester. Kirgan started Eagles for Christ to create a space where all students could participate in a group Bible study, and it currently averages about 30 students attending each week. 

“I always wanted to attend the FCA meetings, but I always had other meetings for various clubs I was involved in” Nelson said. “When I heard about a Christian group that was meeting during lunch, I knew it was the perfect organization for me to join!”