Cheering Into Our Hearts

Cheer Review


Margie Savage, Photo Editor

Cheer is a Netflix documentary that documents a year as a cheerleader at Navarro College in six hours. Fall in love with the amazing young men and women who take the mat at our very own cherished Navarro College. From the cat fights to the cat walks, you see all of the bumps and bruises being a cheerleader takes. This heartfelt documentary makes you want to cheer your heart out for your favorite Cheer-leader. The series starts with each of the 40 cheerleaders stories and ends with the top 20 of those cheerleaders taking the mat for the National Cheerleading Association’s competition in Daytona. From every basket toss to every hard fall, you will see the hard work these men and women put into cheering for their school. Behind the glitter, there is a whole world of drama, sweat, tears, and blood no one would have ever seen. Their smiles may have hidden their journey from the stands, but Netflix has revealed just what it takes to be a Navarro College Cheerleader.