UIL to Present “Persephone” for Competition

Meredith Awalt, Staff Reporter

One Act Play members will begin practice after Christmas break.  OAP  will present Persephone as its play for UIL competition. 

“This is Mrs. Walsh’s last play and she picked one that she’s done before,” senior Erin Rachel said,  “so the play set up should go easier than normal.”

Auditions were held on December with callbacks on the following Monday. The cast includes three freshmen, three sophomores, three juniors, four seniors, and four alternates.

“Persephone is a Greek comedy,” assistant director Jeffery Wright said. “It will be a lot of fun for our students to perform.”

OAP will present their play for competition March 6 at Palestine High School. 

“Our goal is to get past bi-district and I feel like we could do it with the group we have,” Rachel said. “I really hope we go far for this one.”

The following  students were chosen as members of the Cast:

Prologue – Kayden Salines

Persephone – Joy Stachmus

Hades- Harpreet Walia

Hermes- Margie Savage

Demeter- Emma Copland 

Charon- Jeremy Kilkenny

Cerberus- Payton Botelho

Polydamas- Devin Johnson

Electra- Kourtney Mensch

Thyestes- Leslie Vaughn

Cassandra- Alyson Sanchez

Polyxena- Sheyla Hidalgo

Helen- Erin Rachel

Achilles- Johnathan Thomas

Eteocles- Kelton Carlson


Uriah Growden- Understudy for Cassandra

Britney Delgado- Understudy for Electra

Ashleigh Harris- Understudy for Thyestes

Teresa Rodriguez- Understudy for Polyxena