Band Members Advance to Area Contest


Students who placed in the All- Region Band from left to right: seniors Modesto Cortez, Tristyn Kahrs, junior Kayden Salinas, senior Abbie Cunnigham, and sophomore Emma Sharpe. Not pictured: seniors David Thomas, Drew Williams, juniors Avery Peterson, Logan Anders, and Zachary Phillips. Photo by Erin Rachel.

Erin Rachel, Copy Editor

Thirty- two students competed in the regional competition. Six made the all-region band and four will advance to the area tryouts on January 11 at Robinson High School. 

“We had an amazing group his year,” head band director Bill Large said. “With this level of talent, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had more than one make All-State.”

Seniors David Thomas, Modesto Cortez and juniors Kayden Salinas and Zachary Phillips made the ATSSB Symphonic band and will be eligible to try out for the Area band. 

“I’m excited about going to area,” Cortez said. “ I really hope I make it since I am the only trumpet.”

Seniors Abbie Cunningham, Tristyn Kahrs, Drew Williams, juniors Avery Peterson, Logan Anders, and sophomore Emma Sharpe made the ATSSB Concert band. 

“The music gets harder every year,” Cunningham said. “I felt more prepared this year after playing more difficult songs in the actual band class.”

The tryout music consisted of two etudes, a fast and a slow one. At the contest, judges selected a portion of each etude for competitors to play. These sections were between five and ten measures. Students performed these along with three selected scales. 

“It’s nerve- wracking at first,” Thomas said, “but after a few times trying out and lots of practicing, it becomes pretty normal.”