Family and Community Services Classes to Send Cards to Hospitalized Kids

Abbie Cunningham, Editor in Chief

   Family and Community Services classes will collect cards to send to hospitalized kids until November 22 through the Cardz for Kidz! nonprofit organization. Students can fill out cards during break and lunch in the cafeteria or Family and Community Services teacher Martha Holland’s classroom.

   “The tiniest speck of kindness and positivity can have a huge impact on others,” Holland said. “I hope by seeing this firsthand, our students will continue spreading this positive propaganda throughout their lives.”

   Students in the class were tasked with implementing a service project to promote positivity and kindness. Their goal is to send 500 cards through the organization.

   “I believe Cardz for Kidz is important for people to do because people get involved with others outside of their own community and the cards that they make really do make a difference in the kids’ lives,” senior and president of FCCLA Sarah McHenry said. “The best part of making the cards is seeing other’s creativity come to life on the cards in order to make a child’s day.

   Holland helps her students get started with the planning process to identify concerns and set goals. Then, the students work together to form a detailed plan, which includes assigning tasks to each person in the class to share the workload, a timeline, a list of resources needed and how they will obtain them, and how and when the project will be carried out. 

   “This project helps them demonstrate positive interpersonal skills,” Holland said. “It also helps them apply conflict resolution, negotiation, teamwork, and leadership strategies learned in class. These skills and strategies are necessary in life for collaborative relationships in the home, community, and workplace.”