Jazz Band Members Advance to State

Abbie Cunningham, Editor in Chief

   Jazz band members tried out for All- Region Jazz on September 18. Senior David Thomas, junior Will Prihoda, sophomore Preston Patrick, and sophomore Carl Markham will play at the region concert. Thomas and Markham will compete at state All- Region Jazz next Wednesday in China Springs.

   “The best part about the competing was going up against the best jazz musicians in the area,” Prihoda said. “It was also pretty fun to just go with the friends that were there, and hanging out with all the other members of the Jazz Band.”

   Twelve students competed on various instruments. Senior Klay Bonner, Thomas, and junior Erica McQuinn tried out on saxophone. Junior Zachary Phillips tried out on trombone, and sophomore Emma Sharpe competed on bass trombone.

   “I love the jazz band program that our school has and All-Region Jazz is an opportunity to play with other people,” Thomas said. “I enjoy competing in jazz band because it tends to be a friendlier, calmer contest since it’s a smaller group of people that generally know each other.”

   Senior Bryce Harrison, Prihoda, Patrick, sophomore Jaycee Jobe, and freshman Jonathan Thomas competed in trumpets. Junior Robby Walia tried out on piano, and Markham competed in drums. 

   “I was surprised to see that I made it,” Prihoda said. “There were definitely people there who were way better than me, especially some of the others from Fairfield, but it was definitely exciting to see that I made it.” 

   Jazz All- Region differs from regular All- Region tryouts because competitors get to try out with a recording of the song; however, competitors still have to play two etudes.

   “It made me feel as if I was in a smoky bar just playing to play,” Walia said. “I wanted to play with the people around me and the recording made it feel that way.”

   Jazz band will continue to practice throughout the year, and they will have performances, too.   

   “I just went for fun and to play some fun songs,” Prihoda said. “I really just want to improve overall and going to competitions like this helps a lot.”