A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Games


Abbie Cunningham, Editor in Chief

   Fridays are busy, Fridays are fun, Fridays are game day.

   Student council will be featuring student’s artwork in a showcase displayed in the hallways. The first theme will be “Friday Night Lights.” Those interested in having artwork displayed should submit their work to physics and biology teacher Katie Wade by next Friday. 

   “I believe a school benefits from allowing the students to express themselves through academics, athletics, music, and the visual and performing arts,” Wade said. “People are talented in many ways and I love seeing that side of the students.”

   Senior Rebecca Dunlap presented the idea of an art showcase. The showcase will occur every nine weeks with a different theme for each. 

   “I wanted to get students more involved with our school, and I wanted to give our artistic students a way to show off their pieces,” Dunlap said. “I hope this is something that people become interested in and something students look at every day as they walk down the halls.” 

    Student council officers propose a theme, then all of student council votes on them. This nine week’s theme is Friday Night Lights.

   “ I’m excited to give people the opportunity to share their artwork while also supporting our school,” senior David Thomas said. “I think it will help improve school spirit for football games and other sports.”

   Students can submit posters, paintings, drawings, and photographs as their artwork. Currently, there are only three entries.

   “I’m excited to see the different pieces people enter, and I’m excited to see how creative our students are,” Dunlap said. “It will help recognize our artistic students and add a bright and cheery feeling to the hallways!

   The art will be up for six to nine weeks.  The last nine weeks art will be displayed at the beginning of the following year.  

   “I’m excited to see a different side of our students than what we see in the classroom,” Wade said. “The art showcase is brand new this year!”