Mums the Word

Mums the Word

Margie Savage, Photo Editor

    Homecoming is coming up on September 20, and the questions start, what mum are you wearing, are you wearing a mum, how big is too big, and many more. While mums have been a Texas tradition for a long time, it’s starting to die out as the prices rise, the knowledge of how to make them, and what they are fades away. 

    The Texas tradition of mums dates back to 1909 at Baylor University for spirit week. These mums received their names from the flowers that they exhibited: chrysanthemums, which were backed with cardboard, and had ribbons flowing from them. The first mums were simple garders to show school spirit, and in the 40’s they were used for a fraternity fundraiser, and since then the demand for mums has skyrocketed. From simple small flowers with a few ribbons to mums bigger than some of the girls that wear them, mums went from being a Baylor tradition to being a phenomenon across Texas, reaching even as far as Oklahoma. 

   One reason people love and enjoy mums is because of the variety and different styles that you can find them in. From simple silk flowers made to look like the original chrysanthemums, sunflowers, daisys, and many other flowers, girls have used them on their mums to add a little more personality. Many mums are personalized with ribbons containing names, sports, or activities its wearer participates in. Some girls have even made mums to support places they love, instead of school spirit, such as Chick-Fil-A, and Whataburger. Many mums, however, still stick to school spirit, with the ribbons displaying the schools colors. 

   From the Baylor campus in 1909 to a Texas tradition today, mums are one of the big things that girls look forward to on homecoming week. From simple mums, to elaborate masterpieces, mums are one way for people to express their own personalities while still having school spirit.