Seniors Leave Their Mark

Senior Madi Isaacs and sophomore Mackenzie Isaacs paint Madi’s spot. Photo by Emi Bonner

Margie Savage, Photo Editor

   Senior year has finally begun, and seniors were ready to leave their mark. Before the heat of the day came into full swing 25 seniors rolled out of bed, gathered their supplies, and set out to make their mark.  

   “Aliens existing and everything about them between me and my brother,” senior Tylie Bruce said. “So my parking spot is not only a meme, but a way to honor my brother and his impact on me.”

Senior Kayla Grecu and her mother paint her spot. Photo by Emi Bonner

  Painting a parking spot is one way for the seniors to have their mark on the high school campus. For many seniors the designs they choose have great meaning in their life. 

Senior Emi Bonner takes a break from painting her spot.

    “My mom helped me paint my spot and that’s what really made it special,” senior Emi Bonner said.  “ I don’t have much longer living in the same house as her, so every memory we have now is special.”

   Painting a parking spot not only gives the seniors a chance to leave their mark, it gives them an opportunity to create unique memories with their family and friends. Many of these memories will be cherished by the seniors and their loved ones for years to come. 

   “If the Astros win it all,” senior Devin Johnson said, “then maybe senior year will be a W too.”