Nuevo Club de Español Creado

New Spanish Club Created

Nereyda Espinoza, Managing Editor

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   Spanish teacher Rebecca Watson held a meeting Tuesday to start the new Spanish club. Members will meet next week to vote for officers.

   “The Spanish Club is an organization for students who want to be more involved with the Spanish community both inside and outside our school,” Watson said. “I wanted to have a Spanish club for students to share their interest and appreciation for the Spanish language with other students.”

   Watson has many ideas including Spanish language movie night, volunteer in the Spanish-speaking community, Latin Dance Party/Lesson, design club t-shirts, host a fundraiser, jalapeno eating contest, authentic Latin cuisine night, scholarship opportunities, Spanish language music video, and Spanish karaoke.

   “The activities that we will do inside the Spanish Club will be decided upon by the Club President and Vice-President officers,” Watson said. “I am also open to any activity ideas from club members.”

   Dues are five dollars, and students can continue to sign up.

   “If I become president, I have a lot of ideas to make it fun,” sophomore Yadira Yepez said. “I am excited that not just me, but other fellow classmates are joining too.”

   The Spanish club will have meetings once or twice per month but a specific day or time for the meeting has not been designated yet.

   “There was a Spanish club when I was in High School and we had a lot of fun,” Watson said. “I wanted to create that for students at FHS again.