Wade Leaves Legacy after 42 Years


Jordan Maciel

Erin Rachel, Abbie Cunningham, Braden Bossier, Nereyda Espinoza, Elida Espinoza, Austin Mason, Alyson Sanchez, and Ally Robinson

Principal Von Wade begins his retirement in June after serving the school district for 42 years. He spent 14 years as a coach and government, economics, and history teacher and 27 years as the high school principal.  He leaves behind a legacy of excellence, high standards, and work ethic in the students and teachers.

Mr. Wade always shared his kindness and generosity with his staff and students, and his compassion will be missed in the years to come. He was honored at a reception Thursday in the media center.

“When I told him I was pregnant with Caitlynn and she was due in September, I was the Cheer coach and was going to miss most of Football season that year,” chemistry teacher Cheryl Stone said. “He said don’t worry about it, I’ll do it (be cheer coach). And he did! he carried them to all the football games & carried them to eat before the games! What an awesome principal.”

Every day has been a privilege to represent Fairfield ISD. I have enjoyed almost every day at FHS. The accomplishments of the students, organizations and teams will always be a source of pride”

— Principal Von Wade


Mr. Wade has taught or served as a teacher for the majority of his staff. They value his friendship and wisdom that he shared with them throughout the years.

“ I will miss being able to walk in his office, close the door, & tell him anything!” Stone said. “He’s been with me through the really good and the really bad!”

After spending 42 years in FISD, Mr. Wade says he will sleep and read a lot. If Wade had to change one thing about his time at Fairfield, he said he would have tried to create a high school choir.