Practically Perfect Nanny Returns

Braden Bossier, Staff Reporter

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The highly anticipated Mary Poppins Returns premiered in theaters on December 19. Many were nervous of its arrival because it had to follow after the critically acclaimed classic, the original Mary Poppins, but in no way did it let down the high expectations.

The movie is based on the book series about the “practically perfect” nanny. The movie takes place when Jane and Michael, the original two kids, have grown up, and Michael now has children. This is where Mary Poppins comes into play when she takes care of the children.  

Award winning Emily Blunt plays the beautiful Mary Poppins perfectly. She portrays the character spot-on, making her poised and polite. Viewers can’t help but adore and cherish her every word. Not only is Blunt’s acting phenomenal, but her singing is just as equally brilliant. She sings with class and a little bit of a modern twist. She is joined by her co-star Lin-Manuel Miranda who plays Jack, a lamplighter. Miranda first became known for writing the Broadway musical “In the Heights” and then going on to write the hit “Hamilton” that has won many Tony’s. His creativity doesn’t stop there: the writers even let him make a rap to perform for the movie. Its similarity to the “Hamilton” tone sends fans in a whirlwind of excitement. His character is a vital role in transitioning between scenes and setting up the story for Mary Poppins. He takes part in an ingenious scene including many lamplighters tap dancing that imitates the famous chimney sweep scene from the original.

The story and the songs make the movie fun and eloquent. The musical numbers are similar to the original in keeping the same magical tone but add a little modern twist. The choreography in the numbers is fresh and fun.

The movie is family friendly and will be a new classic for generations to come. Those of the older generation will love it as well, especially when they see the special appearance from Dick Van Dike. This movie will make viewers laugh and cry and will warm their hearts with love.