Lady Eagles on the Road this Week


Alyson Sanchez

Junior McKinna Brackens takes a free shot against Buffalo.

Alexi Walthall, Junior Reporter

The Lady Eagles basketball team will travel to Westwood tomorrow as they continue their battle through district. The following Friday, the team will be facing Elkhart in their away game.

“Our goals tend to be within ourselves,” Breyunna Dowell said. “Making sure we run the right plays without the coaches telling us, [asking] are we denying our man at the moment? Things like that.”

Their most recent game was against Buffalo which they won 71-4. In one of their other previous games against Crockett, Fairfield won 87-23.

 “My motivation has always been to see these girls experience the highest level of success that they can,” coach Sally Whitaker said. “As coaches, we have to make sure that our players are challenged and prepared to advance.”

As the team proceeds into February, they will play Teague at home on the 1st then travel to Franklin to play them on the 4th.

“I highly expect that we will go back and finish what we started. We just need to keep working together as a team,” Jarahle Daniels said. “We aren’t selfish and we don’t try to do it individually.”

The Lady Eagles last district game will be February 8 against Crocket here at home. 

“I have seen a lot of progress between us as a team, we all have developed new skills individually that help the team when we come together,” McKinna Brackens said. “We also have a different attitude about playing since we lost last year, we are more willing to work to get back to state.”